February 2020

Okay so what happened to 2019. Well it was great, surfing beach holidays. A magical family trip to Portugal thanks to Make a Wish Foundation. Life was good then the global 2020 pandemic hit. That will explain the missed year and why today we are stuck at home a year later. 5K radius from home.

So lets be positive – home schooling not fun. Orla has become more independent. A mix of age – almost 15 and a mix of me loosing the will to do everything when schools, activities, restaurants and shops all closed. Home for the whole family has been a shock.  Luckily we live beside the coast and parks so endless walking. Endless playground trps has helped her walk ahead of us and given space she can self regulate the panic and anxiety.

So a teenager who also had found a way to a stay in bed for hours and go to sleep herself finally. Parents lost the will and just iPad rules. Expressive language really good and signing a lot more. I have said it before I wish we had signed more.

The holiday in 2019 meant swimming for hours every day and this year Orla can now swim in the deep end and keep going. Still at rugby and gaa. Music and dance is the big hit and very teenager age appropriate. Took to zoom life and classes no problem. I will update pics.

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