October 2015

Well I should have not said anything before the summer. As lots of us find the summer holidays when routines go out the window so does any chance of a normal schedule. The lack of routine and knowing what comes next makes life harder. We survived by being very busy and even if its saying todays activity is going to the shop – as long as there is a plan we are ok. Back into routine now and better for all. Football, athletics, gymnastics, rugby, basketball, swimming – and one doctor asked does she find it hard to exercise. Ha if only –  life is a running race all the time. (Can’t imagine where she gets it from). We need to spend more time now on sight reading as the understanding and receptive language really is not an issue.

Highlight currently was going to a rugby match with Dad and brothers and actually staying for most of it. A few food and people watching breaks but they made it.

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