December 2017

Well it has been a busy year. From school placements in a national school to see how I get on in the playground and sitting in a classroom. It has gone very well if you ignore a few slow starts. I now spend 45minutes one day a week joining 5th class where we do a lesson plan and then we go to the yard for break.  The girls and boys are really good at following my lead for games and chasing.

Skiing is going well and I now get on the lift myself (4 years in). Holidays here we come. 

Summer holidays were very mixed – disaster abroad missing home and my dog and not liking everything was not in front of me to see. Now we know only  to pick a resort or place where beach and restaurant is all on view and no options – same thing daily will do nicely please. The rest of the summer was great with lots of time in playgrounds and playing with all ages of children. lots of sports and swimming and camp. Disability sailing was a great success with me in the boat every Sunday over the summer loving racing my friends. Only because the volunteers and organisers are so much fun and extra patient with me.

Back to school was great because all my clubs started back. So long as we have a sport every day I am ok. Getting far more independent and wanting to be away from Mum – being in my brothers rooms is more fun. Even – wait for it relaxing in my own bed and not wanting to get up in the mornings. There is hope. Summer

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