June 2018

Well my parents were a bit slow to realise that I changed overnight into a pre-teenager. All of a sudden I would rather sit in my favourite chair in my room on my ipad for a spell that have to do anything Mum suggests. Like. I get sooooo tired after school I need a rest before I am off again with endless games of duck duck goose and chasing. In school we have started to learn to play tennis which I love. Another sport to try. It might be better than my ski holiday in January where I really wanted to ski with my brothers and not my instructor. Lots of things didn’t work as well, like the longer lift and faster snow but maybe next time will be better.

Rugby is getting better and I can score a try when I concentrate. The msot fun I have had this year has been in the playground of the school I visit each week. I get to play chasing with all the class and run around – even better is than Mum and the teachers leave me alone.

My communication is getting better as well and I love singing to music videos. I don’t understand whats wrong with always playing the one – One Direction song.

Roll on summer holidays and sailing and camps.

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